I’ll start this story with the famous sentence in the programming “Hello World“.
My name is
Wesley de Grootand i am a 31 years old Developer based in Haarlem, The Netherlands.
My Education is Electrical Engineering, beside of that i also make plenty of websites, and (iOS) Apps.
In my free time i organise events for #Appsterdam, and you can find me every Wednesday at the Weekly Meeten en Drinken meetups from #Appsterdam at Cafe #BAX.
I like to learn, i like to work, and those two main keys together can create great opportunities as well in my private as work live.
This blog will contain posts about #Electrical, #Swift, #PHP, #JavaScript, #HTML, #CSS, and more.

My Profiles: TwitterLinkedIn, GitHub

Apps (on the AppStore):

Appsterdam app
The official Appsterdam app.

Debug & Check your websites on your iPhone

Create a fun selfie using filters which changes depending on the season

Projects i work/have worked on:

CodeEdit (#Swift)
A Native MacOS Code Editor.

WebShell (#Swift, #SwiftUI)
Make your website act like an app, and have HTML5 features which Safari doesn’t support (yet).

Personal Projects:

tvOS.js (#JavaScript, #Swift)
A Javascript library to create a tvOS app within minutes.

Aurora.swift (#Swift)
A Collection of extension, functions, classes, to build your apps with more ease

Backend As A Service (#BaaS, #PHP, #Swift)

Proof of Concepts:

InjectJS (#Swift, #JavaScript)
Inject JavaScript into any webpage on iOS

Screenshot importer (#Swift)
Import screenshots to Photos.app (pre shortcuts time, download the Shortcut here)

Aurora.js (#JavaScript)
A framework like jQuery/Underscore.js

PHP.Swift (#Swift)
PHP Functions in swift

GlobalChat.nl IRC chat app (#Objective-C)
I’ve build a chat app which used IRC as the server for chatting.


iGive (2012, #Appsterdam, #Objective-C)
We have made a app to donate to different charities.

Startup Agenda (2015, KvK, #Swift)
Prototype app for events for entrepreneurs.